Terms & Conditions

  1. Booking confirmation

Bookings must be made first via phone or email. Paying for your dives online does not guarantee your spot on the boat. Prior request must be made with the shop before payment is made as every trip is subject to minimum numbers and weather conditions for the boat to run.

To reserve your spot get in touch: 

Call / text: 0894078121 or 0409 545 553 or email: info@westernbluedive.com.au

Once the shop confirms the availability, you can use this online payment system to make payment for your booking. Your spot will only be saved for six hours and will be secured once full payment is made. 

By booking, you agree, read and understand ‘The Rules and Guidelines’ found on the website.

You also agree you have booked on your specified dives with the specified amount of divers as confirmed by the shop.

You also agree to our cancellation clause (Clause 5). 

If you don’t agree, please contact the shop immediately.

And if this is your first time diving with us, please check our website www.westernbluedive.com.au.


2. Pick-up Point 

We meet at 7.30am at Mindarie Marina on the left-hand side near the Boat Ramp. If you can’t see me or the boat, you are in the wrong place, so give me a call on 0409 545 553. 

Drop your gear off and park your car on the right-hand side of the big car park.

Set your gear up on the wharf, pass it on to the boat and have your cert card ready to show us.

We leave at 8am and return at about 12pm. If you are running late, a courteous phone call would be appreciated.



3. Seasickness 

If you suffer, don’t think you suffer or don’t know if you suffer seasickness, take some medication beforehand. A lot of people prefer Kwells.


4. Safety 

We have a 100% safety record due to strict safe diving practices and no compromises will be made. 

If this is your first time with us, your entire group will need to bring their dive cards or else they will not be able to dive with no refunds given.

If we cancel due to unsafe dive conditions, you will get a choice of a full refund or a credit. 


5. Cancellation

If you cancel with more than 36 hours notice, you can get a full refund or credit.

If you cancel with less than 36 hours notice, for any reason, you will forfeit any payment made.