Dive Charters

How it Works

If the weather is good, chances are we will be diving! The diving varies from 6m to 30m deep and we will always do our best to cater for all diving levels.  

We meet at 7.30am to depart Mindarie Marina 8am sharp. The dive sites are usually a short 10 to 20-minute boat trip away and you’ll be in the water for the first dive before you know it. We will put out snacks in between the dives whilst on the move to the second dive site, and will be back at the marina by 12pm (ish). 

Dive Sites

Our Crew has decades of experience in finding the best dive sites. Below are some of the spots where you will find the most abundant marine life and spectacular underwater landscapes within the Marmion Marine Park.

Dewie Ledge

Dewie Ledge 12-17m 

North of Mindarie is a 5m drop off down to a limestone ledge which is home to large resident crays and of course all the sizeable crays that come and go, which in turn make the dewies hang around and follow divers because of their natural curiosity. 

Gretel Reef

Gretel Reef 14-26m 

Again better known as 2 Rocks, this site is known by loads of different names by the locals. Diving here excites your spirit of adventure with a mass of caves to swim through and of course almost every fish you have ever seen.

Crayfish Gully

Crayfish Gully 14-18m 

Just south of Dewie ledge is a 200m canyon twisting and turning creating homes to our famous western rock lobsters.

Seal Canyons

Seal Canyons 8-12m 

Sandy canyons leading up to Burns Rocks where the seals cruise up and down looking for fish or divers to frolic with.

A 5m wall at the end running north/south with various holes and ledges and unique limestone formations. Always loads of fish as it is situated in Marmion Marine Park and not dived too frequently as a special licence is required.

The Wall

The Wall 6-12m 

A great shallow dive with loads to explore – not far from Mindarie Marina but well worth a stop over, often interrupted with seals and large blue groupers.

Burns Brains

Burns Brains 8-12m 

Unique brain corals growing in the centre of Burns Rocks. Aboriginal legend has it that many years before crayfish grew, the seals were good eating and made nice jackets to keep you warm in winter.

Ian’s Cave

Ian’s Cave Reef 14-20m 

A Cave found by a chap called Ian but more recently superseded by Keys and sambo caves! Still a great place to re-visit and an interesting site.

Hole In The Wall

The Hole In The Wall 6-14m 

Just north of Mindarie, a small reef system with a passage leading from one side to the other covered over with sweeping kelp can be tricky to find. But once inside the blue from the other end is awe-inspiring.

Gordon’s Grotto

Gordon’s Grotto 12-18m 

An old favourite, always loads of leatherjackets, triggerfish and eagle rays cruise around the entrances. Once inside the calm waters give home to soft corals and families of PJs.

The “grotto” is a huge cavern with loads of entrances and exits, so plenty of natural light and areas of dark shadows to explore.

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens 16-25m 

At the northern end of the “strip,” a wall that runs north/south and chockers full of soft corals, fans and a wall bigger than ‘Ben Hur’ covered with tiny yellow star anemones. Also channels and slots extend along this dive making for an adventurous session.

Over the top of the reef is sand and the false Strip which pelagics cruise up and down.

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