Gemini Wreck Double Dive


The Gemini Wreck double dive day is a fantastic dive. Minimum qualifications is Advanced Certified Divers. Price of $165.00 includes a cylinder. If additional equipment is required, that can be hired from our shop at Unit 3/5 Caloundra Road, Clarkson, 6030.



We dive the Gemini Wreck as often as we can. This is a great dive, offering wreck entries, crayfish and a bit of depth, which is always fun and a great way to keep your skills up.

Double Boat Dive includes: 

  • Two boat dives
  • Rental of 1 cylinder
  • Tea, Coffee, Water and Light Snacks in between the dives
  • Thorough dive briefing and site information before starting the dive (please remember we do not have dive guides in the water)


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